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Beat It Beat It

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Definitely very addicting!

I think the font choice in the menu could be better. Maybe something a little easier to read and more pleasing to the eye. The same could be said for the color scheme. I like that it's colorful, but it seems like random colors from the palette were chosen, instead of sticking to a pre-chosen color scheme.

The different features are fun, and it's very addictive trying to unlock new ones and see what they'll do! I had a hard time getting myself to stop playing.

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MrPinkuGame: LPI MrPinkuGame: LPI

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The game was interesting, and funny. An intriguing storyline so far.

The text in the characters page, and at the very beginning is a little hard to read, which is off-putting for when you're just starting the game. I think a different font choice would help a lot.

After I clicked on "cheats" from the first page I couldn't figure out a way to get back, and had to refresh. It'd be nice if there was a back button here.

I also noticed quite a few typos, which really makes any game feel a lot less professional. Make sure to read through, proofread, and spell check all the text. A few that I caught:
On the first page after you click play it says "so we installed ours teepees..." It should be "our" not "ours."
When Alfy says "I don't know why I allways spend my time..." it should be "always" not "allways."
And when he says "Zouss has 2 pair of pants" it should be "pairs" not "pair."
"The stones location is a secret" should be "The stone's location is a secret."
Sometimes you didn't capitalize Indians and other times you did. It should always be capitalized.

Another note when you click on "Kick her off!" or "She can be a good hostage?" you get a page that says it's the "only" bad ending, yet there are more than one. It shouldn't say it's the only one, if that's the case.

I hope some of my suggestions helped!

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